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Pressure Washing Parking Structures

Pressure Washing Parking Facilities

The parking lot is one of the first areas of a business that a customer notices, while driving in. The overall cleanliness of a parking facility contribute unconsciously to the customer’s perception and opinion of the business. How many times have you parked at a parking structure that smelled like urine and went to the store. The old saying a first impression is a lasting impression. There is research data available to show that customers, repelled by a dirty parking lot, can simply drive out without the desire of doing any business with the company.

Pressure Washing Parking Lots

Parking lots can attract a host of debris everything from discarded gum to cigarettes, oil drips from vehicles and stains from spilled coffee and food.

How Parking Lots Are Suppose to Be Pressure Washed

Grimebusters Pressure Washing we use full reclamation and the waste water generated from the high pressure washing process to be thoroughly filtered, and all solids, fines and Class II hazardous materials (petroleum products) to be safely and effectively removed and separated from the wash water before we reuse the water and/or discharge the water. Grime Busters offers full waste water reclamation and processing that exceeds all EPA and Clean Water Act regulations. Don’t get fined by a fly by night pressure washing company. Grimebusters Pressure Washing is Arizona first choice for pressure washing

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