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Parking Garage Cleaning Services


Grime Busters Parking Garage Cleaning Services

We take pride in cleaning your commercial property. Let our team of professionals help you obtain a spotless parking garage.

Parking garages receive a lot of abuse with vehicles constantly leaking oils and coolants, tires leaving black marks, and people spilling drinks and lets not forget the gum. Parking garages in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tuscon, and Mesa see thousands of vehicles and pedestrians each month. Pressure washing is the best way to stay on top of these messes keeping your parking garage welcoming, clean and safe from hazards.

Hot Water/Steam Pressure Cleaning

Bring a fresh look to your parking garage, sidewalks, walkways, dumpster areas with hot water or steam pressure cleaning.

Parking Garage Sweeping

We have commercial grade industrial sweepers to sweep away the mess and make a more inviting and healthy atmosphere.

Parking Garage Scrubbing

Remove layers of oil, dirt and grime from your parking lot or parking garage floor with our industrial scrubbing service.

Grime Busters Pressure Washing we specialized in Commercial Building, Parking Garages, and Store Front services. Call us today