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Man vs. Dirt: A history of cleaning chemicals

Man vs Dirt Before there was much of anything to clean, there was water. As mankind’s first cleaning chemical, it was a pretty effective one; you could easily wash the mud off your hands in a waterfall, puddle or ocean. Because of its molecular structure, many substances simply dissolved, and were rinsed away, in water, […]

Pressure Washing Parking Structures

Pressure Washing Parking Facilities The parking lot is one of the first areas of a business that a customer notices, while driving in. The overall cleanliness of a parking facility contribute unconsciously to the customer’s perception and opinion of the business. How many times have you parked at a parking structure that smelled like urine […]

Dangers of Pressure Washing

The Dangers of Pressure Washing Pressure washers use a motorized pump, and a concentrating nozzle to boost water pressure from to 80 times the normal pressure of your garden house. Though a garden hose alone delivers water pressure at about 50 pounds per square inch, pressure washers can generate 1,500 to 4,000 psi. In the […]

Hall of Shame - Grime Busters

Hall of Shame

Damage Due to Inexperience Pressure Washing Companies Many people look at pressure washing as a pretty simple and easy process. Sure you can buy an inexpensive pressure washer and some detergents from your local hardware store and you are all set. Right. Most inexperienced pressure washers just start blasting away with high pressure water to […]


Parking Garage Cleaning Services

Grime Busters Parking Garage Cleaning Services We take pride in cleaning your commercial property. Let our team of professionals help you obtain a spotless parking garage. Parking garages receive a lot of abuse with vehicles constantly leaking oils and coolants, tires leaving black marks, and people spilling drinks and lets not forget the gum. Parking […]